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Ready to see my skills in action?

Scroll through my portfolio to find a selection of my translation, transcreation and editing work.


Tagline Transcreation

The ad: Reebok® trainers

Language combination: English → German

In this Reebok TV ad from the year 2000, we see a guy in Reebok trainers outrunning the big scary "beer belly". The tagline at the bottom of the shoe reads: Lose the beer belly.

How would you recreate a tagline like this for the German market?

This is what I came up with as a little passion project for social media: Mach deinem Bierbauch Beine.


In German, "Bierbauch" means "beer belly" and "etwas/jemandem Beine machen" means "to give something/someone a kick in the butt". Plus, the use of "Beine" (English: legs) makes it even more footwear-related.

This silly, yet hilarious ad definitely gives you that sentiment of wanting to grab your trainers, doesn't it?

Media Feature Copy Edit
The piece: media feature for a fashion blog

Language: English (UK)

To make SIM founder Anastasiia's presentation piece really pop on social media, I edited her first draft to ensure linguistic flow and accuracy as well as keyword optimisation.


Read the feature here

SIM Portfolio.png

Marketing Translation | Interior Design
The piece: interior design blog

Language combination: English (UK) → German

To get German-speaking home buyers, renovators and interior design enthusiasts in a spa-like mood, I translated the English Dream Bathroom Edit blog piece into German for my client Hudson Reed.

Dream Bathroom Edit.png

Marketing Translation | Fashion & Lifestyle

The contentemail newsletters & push notifications

Language combination: English (UK) → German

To delight German customers, I translated and/or transcreated newsletter and app content from English into German for my client Urban Outfitters. The fun part: coming up with on-brand, local equivalents

Portolio UO work (screenshot).png
UO push notification copy examples.png

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