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My full name is Belinda Grace Fischer, and I’m here to make your marketing goals come to life – whether you’re looking to:

  • translate your website, product specs, blog or social media posts into German to expand your brand by entering the German-speaking market.

  • write fresh blog content to attract new prospects and turn them into fans.

  • learn how to use LinkedIn organically and build connections with your peers and dream client base.

Nice to meet you!

My purpose in business:

Authentic and intentional marketing communication is the first step towards making connections and exploring new opportunities.

I believe that you should never let a lack of confidence or even fear of miscommunication hold you back from sharing your value with the world. There are tons of people out there who want to hear from you and what you have to offer. They just don’t know it yet.


All you have to do is start. And believe me: practice makes progress!

Get in touch!

How about a little less 'urgh!' and a little more 'mmh!' when it comes to crafting and polishing your marketing conent?

(That's Kelly, the family Lab. A whole lot of chill and chocolatey goodness!)

Ready to chat about the service that's right for you?

"Belinda translated my website into German, and I was highly impressed by how she handled the project from start to finish. Her communication was smooth, and she delivered nuanced translations of the highest quality."

Chris (Edinburgh, Scotland)

"I appreciate Belinda's meticulous proofreading, but I am impressed by her ability to navigate through difficulty. If things get tough, she is the right one to handle the situation with grace. She's a problem solver with drive and ambition to excel at her tasks."

Isabella (Upper Palatinate, Germany)

"Having worked with Belinda on multiple projects, I’m more than confident we have the right person for all of our German translation needs. Having never missed a single deadline and always delivering excellent quality translations, Belinda’s professionalism and warm personality make her an ideal choice for anyone looking for either original content or translations."

Jamie (Burnley, England)

"We work with Belinda to create LinkedIn posts, website reviews and blog articles in both German and English. The best part: it only took minimal input from our side for her to create content that requires little to no editing effort. Now our small team has more time to spend on other tasks, knowing that our content is in good hands."

Lorenz (Munich, Germany)

A little peek at projects I’m proud of:

“Belinda added the necessary creative touch and charm to the English version of the magazine.”


Service: marketing translation (German to US English)


Content: bilingual One Design magazine by Motel One


Purpose: inform and delight Motel One’s English‑speaking guests across Europe and the US


Browse through the online version of the magazine here.

special ability to empathise with brand interests“


Service: copy editing (UK English)


Content: media feature for a fashion blog piece


Purpose: build awareness for a business owner’s fashion atelier Style in Manchester


Have a look at the Instagram post extract here.

“our content is in good hands


Service: content writing (mainly German)


Content: blog and LinkedIn posts


Purpose: share value with existing audience and attract new customers to the lingoking translation platform


Have a look at Lorenz’ LinkedIn posts here.

Find out more about the blog content I’ve written for lingoking on my Content Writing page.

“translated in a tone that sounds natural to our audience“


Service: marketing translation (UK English to German)


Content: website copy, email newsletters, push notifications for Urban Outfitters


Purpose: target trendy, self-expressive young adults and convert them into customers

Like what you see but need some more?
I got you!

Tell me about the service you’re interested in, and I’ll send you a relevant work sample!

Good to go?

Have a look at the below ‘Belinda time line’ for a bit of backstory (you may need a map!):

Time line

Born and raised in a multicultural (German & American) household in Bavaria – home of the gorgeous lakes and the yummiest of pretzels!

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