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Reach your target market in their mother tongue by having your content translated. I specialise in marketing translations for e-commerce brands in fashion and interior design and am here to support you with the following types of content:

  • website copy

  • blog posts

  • newsletters

  • social media content

  • product descriptions



With transcreation (translation + recreation), you get the best of both worlds: translation and copywriting. In this process, your content is re-written in the other language to emotionally and culturally resonate with your target audience. Transcreation is best suited for creative marketing materials, such as slogans and claims. This way, your core message won't get lost, and the end product will have a much more local and authentic flavour.

"Belinda translated my website into German, and I was highly impressed by how she handled the project from start to finish. Her communication was smooth, and she delivered nuanced translations of the highest quality." – Chris Milne, CJM Translation Services


Here you'll find my 5-step translation and transcreation work process: 

1. Get in touch


At the beginning of any translation or transcreation project, I'll ask you to email me your source (i.e. original) content. Accepted formats include Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel as well as Adobe PDF and InDesign. You'll also provide a project brief. For details on what to include in your brief, please refer to my free guide. If this is your first time working with me, you might want to jump on a quick call, so we can get to know each other!

2. Wait for confirmation


As soon as I've had a look at your requirements, I'll be in touch to confirm the project deadline, rate and any other specifics. If this is our first project, I'll also ask you to sign my Terms of Business as a legal basis for our collaboration.

3. Leave it to me

Now's the time for you to lean back while I work on your language project using my expertise, industry knowledge and translation software. In case there's anything to clarify, I'll get in touch with you directly via email.

4. Finishing touches


I always edit my translation work. This also includes reading it out loud to ensure easy readability and 'snappiness'. For extra quality assurance, I'll check with you whether someone on your team can do a final review of the translated content. If you like, I can also arrange for a second linguist to proofread the translation for you.

5. Time to shine


At this stage, the translation sounds smooth, natural and in line with your intended tone of voice. In short: it's ready for your target audience to enjoy! You'll receive the translation in the same format in which you sent it to me. This is when I encourage you to share any final amendment requests and feedback. When you're happy, I'm happy.

I work with:



Here's where you'll find some quick answers to frequently asked questions to guide you in your decision-making process. I value your time just as much as mine and am always looking for smooth and efficient business partnerships without any unpleasant surprises.

Do you charge per word, hour or project?

I charge on a project basis once we've agreed on all specifications. How I price each project depends on a number of factors, such as service type, deadline, formatting, etc. My hourly rate starts at €55 across all services.

What can I roughly get for one hour of your work time?

For translation work, one hour usually covers around 300 words, including quality assurance, though this always depends on the project at hand.


For transcreation work, it's much more difficult to say because of how creative and non-straightforward the process is. An hour will very likely get you a great slogan transcreation, for example, but you can't and shouldn't rush the process.

When is payment due and how do I pay?

If we've never worked together before, I'll ask for 50% of the project rate up front as a deposit and the remaining 50% upon submitting the project. The same applies to large-value projects (< €500) unless we already have a contract or retainer option in place. I'll invoice you via email at the end of the month. My payment terms are 30 days from the invoice date. You can pay via bank transfer. Payment is accepted in euros, pound sterling and US dollars.

Do you have any more questions about my services, workflow or rates?

Get in touch – I look forward to hearing from you!

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