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4 Photo Ideas for Small Business Owners

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

One of the many hats we wear as small business owners is the marketing hat. We know how important it is to advertise our business and boost our online presence, so we can attract and serve the right kind of clients.

But taking pictures of yourself and your surroundings isn’t an easy feat, especially without a photographer capturing your most ‘Instagram-worthy’ moments.

No worries! Abi Prowse of Linguamore and I got you. We both translate and write for a living, we both love taking photos, and we’re both heavy social media users.

In this collaborative post, we share our favourite photo ideas that you can use for your

💻 website

📱 social media

📧 email signature – and more!

Ready? *snap*

1. The headshot

When people come in contact with your website or social media profile, they want to see YOU! Putting a face to a name is a crucial first step to building those valuable connections. After all, people do business with people, not logos or stock photos.

Here are some (potentially quirky) tips for your next self-portrait shoot:

📸 Put on some music and get ready to vogue.

📸 Think of something that makes you smile. Some ideas to get you started: puppies, your next holiday, or your favourite sitcom.

📸 Draw a little circle with your finger off-camera, for example on your hip or leg. It'll take your focus elsewhere and help you relax.

Photo credits (top left to bottom right):

Abi Prowse | Belinda Fischer | Alexander Hipp on Unsplash | Keltie Maguire | Willian Souza on Unsplash

2. The 'product' shot aka flat lay

Product shots, or flat lays, are great in so many ways: they can help recreate emotions, they give you a fantastic outlet for your creativity, and they put you in charge 100%! No people to deal with – and that means no stray hairs, no lipstick on anyone’s teeth, and no unflattering angles.

For this type of photo, make sure you focus on one element. Let’s say you’re doing a social media post about your goals for the month, upcoming events, or simply about how much you enjoy journaling. Fittingly, you want to feature a picture of your journal along with some seasonal décor. In this case, your journal should be the star of the show and take up the majority of the frame. You want your camera’s and your audience’s focus to be on the journal more so than the surrounding accessories.

Tip: Coffee is famously used in many product pictures or flat lays across social media. But if you’re not a big coffee drinker – or if you’re in a hurry – you can also use coca-cola to get that black coffee look (just like I did in this journal flat lay here).

3. The reusable workspace photo series

Let’s be honest: whatever your field or profession, as a small business owner, you probably spend an awful lot of time at your desk. So when it comes to sharing your everyday life with readers, followers, and clients, a good photo of your workspace can be a great way to communicate!

If, like most, your workspace looks a little disorganised, there are a few tricks you can use to help create the perfect working aesthetic.

📸 Include a hot drink. There’s something so comforting about a steaming cup of coffee in your favourite mug that makes an office snap seem so much more homey.

📸 Choose items or accessories which match your brand colours – whether that’s a pen, a candle, or a coaster, for example. This will increase your brand recognition and tie all your imagery nicely together.

📸 Get involved. Dynamic shots tend to be more eye-catching than static ones. Set your camera or phone up on a tripod and use your hands to write or type as the picture is taken!

📸 Show your face. The best thing about running a small business is that you are the brand – so remember to use yourself in your imagery! Why not try taking a picture of you at your desk to give followers and clients an idea of the person behind the brand?

4. The personal "lifestyle" snap

Bring the fun!

Sharing a more personal photo of yourself can work wonders in the right context.

You could even show off your niche or specialisation in a more laid-back way than you would for a headshot. Are you a fashionista that writes copy for fashion brands? Show your viewership your #ootd (outfit of the day)! Do you work in the tourism sector? Share your favourite holiday pic! Coffee addict? You know the drill!

Why not show yourself in your “Zen space”? Or whilst doing a hobby or outdoor activity?

Sharing more of your personality with your audience can help create more in-depth, long-term connections – and be more fulfilling for you in the process!


If you don’t feel comfortable in front of (or even behind) the camera, then you’re certainly not alone. But we hope that these easy tips will help you find the fun in creating your own visual content. You don’t need the latest, most high-tech equipment or studio-level lighting to take beautiful photos – you simply need a healthy dose of imagination. 😉


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Interested in learning more about how to take personal branding photos for your small business? Here are two videos we thought you might enjoy:

Thanks for stopping by! We can't wait to see your small business snaps! 😁📸🙌

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