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Hier erfahren Sie, was meine Kund*innen über die Zusammenarbeit mit mir sagen.

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Lizzie Griffin
Redakteurin bei Urban Outfitters
London, England

"Belinda was an absolute star and helped us out at short notice when we needed German translations at Urban Outfitters. She came in with an amazing can-do attitude and was a joy to work with. She translated emails, push notifications and web copy to an exceptional standard without any grammar mistakes and in a tone that sounded natural to our audience. We were so happy with her copy and can’t wait to work together again in the future."

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Richard Selby
Vertriebsleiter bei Limitless Digital

Burnley, England

"Belinda has translated and written content for new products in a style that works with the current tone of our website, as well as improving existing listings that have resulted in a 30% sales increase. She hit all deadlines, and her friendly and helpful nature blended seamlessly with the existing team."

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Anastasiia Komarnytska
Marketing-Managerin bei Kids Insights
Manchester, England

"I was lucky to work with Belinda on one of my PR campaigns. She is an expert at turning information into useful copy that can sell products and inform clients. She is detail-oriented and has a firm grasp of professional terms. Looking forward to working together on my next project."

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Jamie Chorley
Merchandising-Manager bei Limitless Digital
Burnley, England

"Having worked with Belinda on multiple projects, I’m more than confident we have the right person for all of our German translation needs. Having never missed a single deadline and always delivering excellent quality translations, Belinda’s professionalism and warm personality make her an ideal choice for anyone looking for either original content or translations."

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Isabella Reindl
Konferenzdolmetscherin & vereidigte Übersetzerin
Ingolstadt, Deutschland

"I appreciate Belinda's meticulous proofreading, but I am impressed by her ability to navigate through difficulty. If things get tough, she is the right one to handle the situation with grace. She's a problem solver with drive and ambition to excel at her tasks."

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Maria-Luise Walser
IT-Mitarbeitende bei PERI GmbH
Weißenhorn, Deutschland

„Belinda war, in den 7 Jahren in denen sie für die Fa. PERI beschäftigt war, eine außerordentlich selbstständige und zuverlässige Mitarbeiterin.
Sie führte jegliche Tätigkeiten sehr effizient, schnell und in optimaler Qualität aus. Besonders hervorzuheben ist, dass sie auch als sie im Ausland studiert hat, immer sehr schnell für uns zur Verfügung stand und auch fachspezifische Übersetzungen sehr gut bewältig hat.“

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Chris Milne
Edinburgh, Schottland

"Belinda translated my website into German, and I was highly impressed by how she handled the project from start to finish. 


Her communication was smooth, and she delivered nuanced translations of the highest quality."

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Andrea Murphy
Belfast, Nordirland

"Belinda has been a blessing at a time when I badly needed a reliable and professional translator and copywriter for my website! She is highly professional, organised and fun to work with! She has been patient, flexible and transparent throughout the whole process. Belinda also writes naturally in both English and German."

Arbeiten wir vielleicht als Nächstes zusammen?

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